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Partner Spotlight -- Revival Yarns

This month we are focusing a very important part of our supporter base:  Partners!

We have forged a very meaningful partnership with a local business, Revival Yarns.

Revival Yarns is a welcoming place in Athens, Georgia where knitters and crocheters can gather, be creative, hone their crafts, and buy their favorite yarns. Revival Yarns was founded in 2014 by co-owners Lindsay and Cara. Lindsay and Cara met in their neighborhood knitting group. It was during these knit nights that the need for an in-town Athens yarn shop became clear, and the idea for Revival Yarns was born.

"Here at Revival Yarns we offer quality products and services at reasonable prices, but customer service is what’s most important to us. We strive to make Revival Yarns a comfortable, welcoming space for fiber artists of all genders, ages, and skill levels.

The whole reason we are here is because we love this stuff, and we want you to too!

Revival Yarns is honored to partner with the Moina Michael Poppy Project (MMPP)! The MMPP is run by women with huge hearts, who not only want to preserve the memory of a local hero, but to continue her legacy. Helping disabled veterans via the Independence Fund is just one of the ways the MMPP hopes to help veterans. We can’t wait to see how this group grows as the love and generosity they spread becomes contagious. We are honored to support them in any way we can… plus we love those knit and crochet poppies! ;)"

If you are out and about and get a chance, stop by and see them!  The shop is so cozy and the Lindsay and Cara will take good care of you! 

A very warm THANK YOU goes out to Revival Yarns for their support!

Info:  297 Prince Avenue, Suite 17 | Athens, GA 30601 | phone: 706.850.1354 | email:

If you are interested in becoming a partner with us, click here to find out more info. 

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Moina Michael Birthday Bash Update!

Hello everyone!  I'd like to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone for their support and generosity! 

As you know, last month was Miss Moina's birthday and in her honor, we decided to host a Birthday Bash and to also challenge ourselves in crafting poppies.  This campaign was a huge success and we are very excited to share our results with you.

Several of our crafters pulled together and challenged themselves to make poppies.  With our efforts combined, we added around 400 poppies to our inventory!

Most exciting of all is -- we are getting closer to getting our Project Independence goal of purchasing an All-Terrain Wheelchair for a veteran!  This campaign alone brought in $935.39.  Adding that to our prior donations, that brings us to a grand total of $1,574.00.  We still have quite a way to go before we reach our goal but we are optimistic that in spreading this mission and teaching people about Miss Moina, we will gather more support as we go!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful local partner, Revival Yarns! This amazing local yarn store not only hosted the party but they also had all red yarn on sale that day in honor of Moina's birthday.  We are looking forward to all of our future opportunities of working with them and we hope you take some time to check them out if you are in Bottleworks. 

Check out some of the pics from our celebration below and once again, thank you so much for your continued support!

Emily, Marie and Tina