Our staff is small, but  mighty.  We all have a great passion for Moina's mission and we work hard to nurture her spirit child by educating people about this amazing woman and also in doing what we can to assist those in need.  If you'd like to learn more about us, please see below.

Photos by Rachel Evans

Tina Whitehair, Marie Mize, Emily Crews

Emily Crews


Emily Crews is the Director and Founder of The Moina Michael Poppy Project.  Literally taking a page from Miss Moina’s book, The Miracle Flower, Emily was inspired to do strike out and make a difference by coming up with a way to support Veterans.  What started out as a small seedling of an idea has blossomed into a beautiful project – nurtured by Emily’s warm heart, passion, dedication and enthusiasm.  These qualities have inspired those around her to also take up the mantle and to do their part, however big or small in order to carry on with Moina’s Spirit Child.

Emily is very active in working on partnerships with local historical societies and chapters in the region to invite them to join us in the effort to educate people about our very own local legend.  It is surprising that most people, even those who know of “The Poppy Lady” are unaware that Moina Michael is from right here in Georgia.

Using her strong background in history, Emily strives to do her best find ways to raise awareness of the wonderful things Miss Moina did for veterans, especially for a woman of that time period.  She was a strong advocate, educator and supporter and we feel very strongly that she should be recognized for all of her amazing feats.

As well, Emily is resourceful in many ways.  Once she had her “aha” moment, she began uniting a group of co-workers and friends who all do some sort of craft in order to make the poppies that we sell.  It was her idea to use the money from these sales in order to better the lives of veterans in any way we could find.  Project Independence was born from that vision and we strive to do all we can to raise the money we need in order to bring more independence to the life of a disabled veteran.

She is an inspiration to us all and we at the Moina Michael Poppy Project are so grateful to have someone with such a big heart at our helm.   


Marie Mize

Director and Social Media Coordinator

Marie Mize’s heart for service led her join the Moina Michael Poppy Project in 2013. Her father, a WWII veteran, and her mother were both active in the American Legion. As a child she participated in the American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Program. Marie has been instrumental in establishing MMPP as a rising charity organization aimed at improving the lives of disabled veterans while promoting Moina Michael’s legacy. Encouraging others to learn about Ms. Michael’s legacy appealed to Marie’s love of Georgia history and made her a natural choice to join the MMPP executive committee. Marie serves as the Moina Michael Poppy Project’s Assistant Director and helps with community outreach, festivals, and the Etsy site.