Crafter Spotlight -- Shawn Lanphere!

Here at the Moina Michael Poppy Project, we know just how important it is to have our supporters.  Supporters come in many forms.  There are those who have important words of encouragement or inspiration when we need them.  There are those who help us by promoting our cause and helping us to spread the word.  There are those who donate supplies, funds, ideas, time and talent.

We have many talented crafters here at MMPP (and we are always looking for more, so don't be shy if you would like to help us make poppies!).  In fact, that's a large part of our origin story.  A group of us who worked together all did one sort of crafting or another and we thought, "If we already love crafting, why don't we band together and use our powers for good?"  So, Miss Emily bound us together in this wonderful cause and here we are, growing every day.

In honor of our supporters, each month we will be highlighting a different kind of supporter to show our gratitude and to share with the world the wonderful people we are crossing paths with thanks to this organization.  This month, we are focusing on one of our crafters:  Shawn Lanphere.

Click here to read more about Shawn.

Shawn has supported us from the beginning and we hope you will enjoy reading about her and her wonderful contributions, as well as checking out some of her creative works!  We love her poppies (I have an adorable pair of earrings she made and I just love them) and her dedication to the cause.

Thanks for reading and check back with us for more updates and who knows, maybe you might find yourself spotlighted here in the future! 

As Emily would say:

Peace, love and poppies,